She who travels from place to place

We had the chance to travel through Northern Vietnam and Cambodia during the month of November. Hanoi is a big city of roughly 10 million people. Its streets are so lively and fascinating. I was captivated by these women, itinerant retailers selling fruit, clothing, flowers or pretty much any goods you can imagine.


253/365 – Slender Alleys

For many days to come I might revert back to photos taken a while ago.

We are a group of six women getting ready for our second photo exhibit, so I have a little less time to photograph these days. If you are in the Montreal region and feel like coming by to see us, it would be our pleasure.

In the meantime, here is a photo taken in Dubai last year.

253/365 - Slender Alleys

Here is the invitation to our exhibit.

final invitation 2015