If I say Molson, you are probably thinking “beer” or of our hockey team the “Montreal Canadiens”.

As far as cemeteries go,  Notre-Dame-Des-Neiges Cemetery is a wonderful one. I was there last Sunday on a photography outing with some friends. One never knows when a door will show its face kind of saying: “Wouldn’t I be a good one for Norm’s Thursday Doors?”

While strolling through the massive site, I came across the family tomb of the Honorable John Molson. Therefore I decided to part from my usual grungy/graffiti style this week to share my finding with you.


98/365 – Beam me up

So this is the second project I made for my Photoshop class. This one is not as technically involved as the one I presented to you yesterday, but I personally find it pleasing. I am also including the photos used in the making of this one.