4/Fifty-Two, Church Day

I’m not a church going kind of gal, except when it comes to photography or traveling.

Here I am at the Church of Saint-Leon-de-Westmount in Montreal taking a “Mastering the Light” photography workshop. Montreal is a city of many churches. Mark Twain, during a visit to Montreal in 1881 said: “This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn’t throw a brick without breaking a church window.” Yes the church was at some point a pillar of French Canadian identity. Although church attendance¬† has drastically declined over the years (Quebec is pretty much a secular society today), they are still amazing places of our past and history to discover, photograph and admire for their incredible architectural beauty.

357/365 – Shadows in their footsteps

A year ago today, I decided to start a year long photography project. I have missed some days here and there because of sickness or travel. As I am nearing the end, I know for sure now that photography is not a fleeting interest in my life. I am looking forward to being able to spend more time shooting, picking and editing without having the pressure to publish everyday.

In the meantime, I shot these one from my car today, protected from the rain.

332/365 – The Trio

Really? I look at these guys and wonder if they love their job. What do you do if you suddenly have to pee? Honestly, I can’t help and think of things like that. I am certainly grateful they are willing to do it. I would be so scared. If by some miracle¬† I would make it up there, I would be paralyzed with fear, unable to do the job. Better them than me!
This also doubles as my entry in the Daily Post Photo Challenge : Trio
Scene from the High Line, New York city.


291/365 – Scene from an Alley – 5

An Asian flare through the alley.


240/365 – All the Glitz and Glitter

Following in the same vein as yesterday…

Presenting two different edits, I can’t seem to figure out which one I like best.