205/365 – Surf

We went for a long bike ride on our tandem this morning, Montreal has amazing bike paths, I am discovering. Biking along the St.Lawrence River, we came across half a dozen people practicing their surfing and kayaking skills. I had only had my iPhone 6, next time, I am bringing my Canon.

196/365 – Joy of water

The amazing Crown Fountain in the fabulous Millennium Park of Chicago brings joy to all.

193/365 – Strawberries in the rain

I left the strawberries outside, and it rained.

187/365 – Abra Commuting

I decided to show you a little more of the Dubai public transportation. Here are a few photos of the abra, the little commuting boat. You find them all over the Dubai Creek.

179/365 – Purple Rain

Purple rain, purple rain
I only want to see you
Only want to see you
In the purple rain