343/365 – Happy Doors

So many garage doors in this alley were painted. As part as the Thursday Doors challenge, I am sharing with you today the first duo. There will be more to come.Happy Doors

I also have to share this very unusual, interesting one. I didn’t think it was worthy of its own entry for today’s challenge but nonetheless. I had never seen something like that. It’s kind of the “Shower curtain” version of a garage door!

316/365 – Back Alley Doors

As always, the back alleys fascinate me. So for this edition of Norm’s 2.0 Thursday Doors, I explored yet another one to share with you.

296/365 – Bold and Colorful

This called my name so loudly, it was a mandatory “stop and shoot” situation. I am now convinced “Le Plateau Mont-Royal” is the greatest neighborhood for these kind of doors. 

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