Children ~ Vietnam

Children are present anywhere you go in Vietnam. They are adorable and welcoming. They brighten your path wherever you may be.

She who travels from place to place

We had the chance to travel through Northern Vietnam and Cambodia during the month of November. Hanoi is a big city of roughly 10 million people. Its streets are so lively and fascinating. I was captivated by these women, itinerant retailers selling fruit, clothing, flowers or pretty much any goods you can imagine.


280/365 – On Two Wheels

You will be a witness to my progress. I was at it again today and these are my two best shots.


265/365 – Wet Snowfall Colour Version

Back to the photos I am presenting in our group exhibition (Momenta), you might recall a black and white photo called “Wet Snowfall” on January 19th 2015, blog post 34/365. A photo seen through a computer monitor can look totally different once printed. I had “Wet Snowfall” printed and did not like the way it looked at all, but I wanted it to be part of the exhibit. So I decided to go back to the color version and reworked it. Once printed, that version was truly superior in my opinion.


188/365 – Streets of Dubai

I’ve been enjoying going back to my Dubai photos this week. I propose to you, Dubai one more time, with a focus on street photography.