240/365 – All the Glitz and Glitter

Following in the same vein as yesterday…

Presenting two different edits, I can’t seem to figure out which one I like best.

230/365 – Girl On A Mission

For my last LA photo, I am sharing with you my favorite one taken during that trip. The young woman you partially see is my daughter. Being so focused on shopping, she was unaware of me photographing her. I love the subtle blur created by her movement.

You can also see it on W. Kier The Show – 3rd Edition, Introversion Inc.

230/365 - Girl On A Mission

118/365 – Then Me Go Shopping With You

In 2001 the Montreal band Bran Van 3000 came out with a song called : “Go shoppin”. Our kids were quite young then and totally loved the song. Almost every night after dinner, the four of us would dance to “Go Shoppin” and often more than once.

Going shopping to a big mall outside of Montreal with my daughter today brought back that memory.