236/365 – At the Museum

From late afternoon into sunset around The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

210/365 – Avenue du Musee

Every summer  part of Avenue du Musee (Museum Ave) along side the museum, is closed to cars. It becomes a small pedestrian mall, for all to enjoy the outdoor art along the avenue. The pavement itself always gets decorated for that period of time.

These were shots on Avenue du Musee.

14/365 – Live and Learn

Sometimes you set out with the best intentions and, things don’t work as planned.

For example today, I was so excited to go see the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I felt inspired by the works of Brendan O’Sé “People Looking at Art” and Mark Fearnley “Focusing on Art”.

The museum was mobbed. It was a bad idea to go during the holiday season. The place was so crowded, you could barely move, let alone take a decent shot. Plus when I got home, I found that most of my shots were too out of focus for my liking. This one I felt was the only acceptable one.

I plan on going back, on a far quitter day.

14/365 - Live And Learn