230/365 – Girl On A Mission

For my last LA photo, I am sharing with you my favorite one taken during that trip. The young woman you partially see is my daughter. Being so focused on shopping, she was unaware of me photographing her. I love the subtle blur created by her movement.

You can also see it on W. Kier The Show – 3rd Edition, Introversion Inc.

230/365 - Girl On A Mission

220/365 – Monochrome Monday

Shot today a Place Ville-Marie overlooking Avenue McGill College, Montreal, QC.

That first sentence is what I wrote a couple of hours ago. I now realized that today is not Monday! I will blame it on the intense heat we have been having lately. I LOVE heat and I guess I am trying to prolong the pleasure  🙂

Monochrome Monday

177/365 – Rolling bi-plane blur

This was shot with my iPhone 6. I have the application Cortex Camera which is meant to reduce noise considerably, if your subject can hold still for 2-10 second. I use Cortex Camera to create blur. I love blur. The 2-10 seconds exposure creates some very interesting blur of moving objects.

Here we are driving on the Mercier Bridge, leaving the city. I just thought it might be an interesting place to try the Cortex Camera application (do not fear, I was not the driver). I must say, I really like the effect.

Here I have three shots, three in color and two in black and white.

86/365 – Modern Day Red Riding Hood

The moment I saw her with her bright red coat, I knew  what I would do with the photo. She was truly popping out, like a breath of fresh air in this underground tunnel. Although the floor of the Lionel-Groulx Metro station makes a good attempt at being cheerful, to me the metro is always  a drab looking place during the winter months.

86/365 - Modern Day Red Riding Hood

84/365 – Transport me

I don’t live in a black and white world literally and metaphorically speaking.  I actually love colors, they are very important to me. They lift me up, put a smile on my face, make the world a better place but lately, I am developing a new appreciation for black and white. The same photo can be so different in color or in b&w. Often times now, I make one of each. I find that from color to b&w, a photo’s mood can be altered, even convey a different message/story. In this case, I can’t really decide on my favorite one. I like then both for different reasons.

Here are the two and I am leaving it up to you to decide.

20150310-IMG_2810-Edit 20150310-IMG_2810