208/365 – Cuteness Factor

Here is the scenario, I am in the driver seat, parked on Ave des Pins, corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. My dog (who is incredibly cute) is in the rear passenger seat, his head is out the window.  I am shooting every passerby. Who is seduced by his cuteness?

205/365 – Surf

We went for a long bike ride on our tandem this morning, Montreal has amazing bike paths, I am discovering. Biking along the St.Lawrence River, we came across half a dozen people practicing their surfing and kayaking skills. I had only had my iPhone 6, next time, I am bringing my Canon.

193/365 – Strawberries in the rain

I left the strawberries outside, and it rained.

162/365 – Clover Point

Last week while I was in Victoria, BC with my family, I took this photo of my daughter. I submitted it to a closed photography group on Facebook, Unabashedly Unsaturated – The Best of Monochrome, and I am happy to say it was chosen to be part of the collage of the best entries for 05/26-05/27/15.

I am pleased to share it with you.

152/365 - Clover Point