9/Fifty-Two, Lights and Snow

Montreal’s Festival en Lumiere (would translate literally to Festival of Light)  ends  tonight. We went to the free outdoor site last night; what a festive and happy place to be! I have to say, my main purpose was to shoot the Ferris wheel, which I did. But there is much more to see and do. For free, you can ride “The Milk Urban Slide”, you can can zip along the site on  “The RBC Zip-Line”, and there are many interactive activities to enjoy. You can also roast marshmallows or hot-dogs on the many open fire pits throughout the site. Honestly, if you are in the Montreal region and  haven’t had a chance to go, make a point of getting there and do it tonight or you will have to wait for next year.

353/365 – Impulsion

Montreal is a city that holds one festival after another. Quartier des Spectacles is where it all happens. During the winter months every year a different Luminotherapie  exhibition is set-up outside for all to enjoy. This year, “Impulsion” brings joy to any passerby. Huge seesaws are installed on the pedestrian mall. While in use, they light-up and create musical sounds to everyone’s delight.

192/365 – Light, shadows and reflections

In the Place des Arts tunnel.