230/365 – Girl On A Mission

For my last LA photo, I am sharing with you my favorite one taken during that trip. The young woman you partially see is my daughter. Being so focused on shopping, she was unaware of me photographing her. I love the subtle blur created by her movement.

You can also see it on W. Kier The Show – 3rd Edition, Introversion Inc.

230/365 - Girl On A Mission

225/365 – Rewinding

In June 2014 our daughter Ella turned 18. We wanted to offer her something special. We asked her what she would like. A few days later, she texted me while I was spending the weekend with my husband at our house in Upper New York State. She wanted to go on a trip with me and wanted me to surprise her with the destination. I knew she always wanted to see LA. So on August 3rd 2014, the two of us got on a jet plane in Mtl and someĀ  5hours + later, landed in LA.

This week, I am revisiting some of the photos I shot while there. We had a fantastic time. It was truly a great destination and we hope to return at some point.

225/365 - Rewinding

The famous Santa Monica Pier in the distance.