10/365 – Not A Cheat

I thought long and hard before starting this project. I was actually petrified by it. The commitment is huge for me. The pressure of shooting everyday felt heavy. Only ten days into it (yes double digits today), I am realizing that the tough part is not so much to shoot everyday, but getting an image I like and want to share with you from that bunch. Some days, you get nothing; nothing worthy of sharing with others. What do you do then? Do you show your most acceptable but not  satisfying image or do you allow yourself a cheat day?


I made the decision at the start of this project that I would allow myself 10-cheat day during the 365. By a cheat, I mean a photo that was taken at a prior time, a week, 7 months, 3 years ago, that I would rather show then any of the ones I took on the day of the post. Ten is not a lot in one year; I have to use them wisely.


In the midst of writing this, I started to fool around with my iPhone and the reflections coming from the lens of my DSLR. I thought this might be more fun then the most acceptable but boring, not so great photo of the day (see below), I like the spontaneity of it and it saves me from using one of my precious “cheats” after only 10 days.

I would love your thoughts on this.


10/365 - Not A Cheat

5/365 – Just Because

Today, I could not get a shot I was pleased with. I guess there will be days like that. This iPhone photo is mediocre at best, but I still decided to post it. At least I like the subject: Natural filter created by condensation. I am on the eight floor of an apartment building and unfortunately, there is nothing of real interest out there. It’s not easy to share something I am not quite happy with.

Hopefully tomorrow will bring a far better image.

5/365 - Just Beacause


1/365 Ever Changing Snow

Today is the beginning of something very daunting. In an effort to bring some discipline and some much-needed practice everyday with photography, I am staring a 365-Day Project. I cannot promise amazing photos every time, but I will do my best to post everyday.

This first one was taking with an iPhone 6, in the long winding driveway of our country house in NYS. We have had our first snowstorm of the season last week and until yesterday; the trees were heavy with snow, postcard perfect. Today the snow is rapidly melting. Winter is always so unpredictable.

Ever Changing Snow