29/365 – One Reason

Last November I visited Dubai for the first time. A delightful young man from my hotel was waiting for me at the airport. He was voluble and eager to share his knowledge of his adoptive city. He also pointed out quite excitedly that I had picked the perfect week to be in Dubai. The temperature was going to drop considerably during my stay. I asked what these temperatures were going to be like, to which he answered: “Between 28 and 34 degrees Celsius, Ma’am.” I explained that the day I left Montreal, that morning at 6:30 am when I took my dog for a walk it was minus 1 degree Celsius. My young driver was speechless: slowly he turned and looked at me totally perplexed and said: “ Ma’am why do you live there?”

I do love winter. That being said, I might one day want to live somewhere warmer because I love heat above all. I wish I could show my young Dubai driver those marvelous frosty flakes that winter creates. Maybe they are one of the many reasons I live here.

29/365 - One Reason