143/365 – Best before…

Daffodil season doesn’t last very long and with the unseasonably hot weather we have been getting, they’ll be gone soon.

I have many varieties in my garden in upper New York state. There are still a few left to blossom but I decided to share with you what is currently in bloom.

136/365 – Transformation

Two days ago I shared a photo of a growing larch cone. That was shot in Montreal.

134/365 - Beginning

Now I am in New York state at the foothills of the Adirondacks, where it is slightly cooler. Here is a shot of a growing larch cone, much earlier in its progression.


The featured image of today is a larch cone that is fully grown and dried. Year after year, the transformation is always fascinating to me.


68/365 – Playing Dead

We all know that in winter all is not really dead but dormant, resting and slowly getting ready to gather all the strength to come back in full force with the change of season. I know winter is long, especially in the North East and we often want to hate it. It’s not an easy season to live with. But honestly, how can we hate it when it has so much beauty to offer?

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.

Today I decided to treat myself and post many photos. Click on the first photo to have access to the gallery in full size.

43/365 – Birdie Num Num

My own personal tropical moment at Conservatory and Greenhouses in Westmount, QC.


And of course, I can’t mentioned birdie num num without posting this 🙂