174/365 – Floral Encounter

Many more flowers, with some little visitors.

173/365 – Peonies revisited

I thought you might enjoy seeing them again now that they are blooming.

I honestly wish it could be a scratch and sniff.

I just love peonies 🙂

145/365 – Just can’t get enough

Those who know me, know how much I love heat. But I can honestly say that spring is my favorite time of the year. I love watching nature change everyday. Love to see the little green shoots, the buds evolving into beautiful flowers. The ever changing spring is fascinating to me. As my title says, I “just can’t get enough” of its glory.

144/365 – Spring :-)

No need to say more

143/365 – Best before…

Daffodil season doesn’t last very long and with the unseasonably hot weather we have been getting, they’ll be gone soon.

I have many varieties in my garden in upper New York state. There are still a few left to blossom but I decided to share with you what is currently in bloom.