Thursday Doors: The Holy Door

I was visiting friends and family in Quebec City last weekend. While walking through the old city with my friend and her son who was acting as our tour guide, he suggested we have a look at the Holy Door on the north side of the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Quebec. “A door!” I said excitedly. So I explained to them the Norm’s 2.0 Thursday Doors challenge.

Well you don’t have to be an observant Christian to appreciate the beauty of this door made of massive bronze. It was gifted by the Vatican to  the Cathedral-Basilica Notre-Dame de Quebec  in 2013 to coincide with celebrations of the church’s 350th anniversary. The Basilica is the  oldest church in North America. This Holy Door is the only one that exist outside of Europe.

You can read more about it here and here.

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343/365 – Happy Doors

So many garage doors in this alley were painted. As part as the Thursday Doors challenge, I am sharing with you today the first duo. There will be more to come.Happy Doors

I also have to share this very unusual, interesting one. I didn’t think it was worthy of its own entry for today’s challenge but nonetheless. I had never seen something like that. It’s kind of the “Shower curtain” version of a garage door!