She who travels from place to place

We had the chance to travel through Northern Vietnam and Cambodia during the month of November. Hanoi is a big city of roughly 10 million people. Its streets are so lively and fascinating. I was captivated by these women, itinerant retailers selling fruit, clothing, flowers or pretty much any goods you can imagine.


296/365 – Bold and Colorful

This called my name so loudly, it was a mandatory “stop and shoot” situation. I am now convinced “Le Plateau Mont-Royal” is the greatest neighborhood for these kind of doors. 

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283/365 – Marché Jean-Talon

Such a treat for the senses!


278/365 – Sky

So many things are wrong with this picture but I could not resist! The sky this morning was surreal, I had to share it with you. I got out of the before 6:30 and this is what I saw walking out of our driveway.20150925-Sky1

I love being up early before the city fully wakes-up and when I get to see a sunrise like this one, it makes the morning glorious!

Have a great day.



219/365 – Indian Affair

We are attending an Indian wedding today. It is so bright and colorful, I love it. We went to the wedding ceremony and lunch this morning and returning for the reception this evening.