201/365 – Colorful Wicker Park

We were walking through colorful Wicker Park neighborhood when we came upon these ladies obviously having a great time and eating a yummy looking ice cream sandwich made of a gigantic doughnut.  They begged me to take their photo. How could I refuse?

Then we turn the street corner and there was this man, perched on top of his car, with music blasting out of it. I did say colorful, didn’t I?

200/365 – KaleidaFun

While in the streets of Chicago, I decided to have fun with KaleidaCam application for iPhone. As you guessed it, it turns your camera into a kaleidoscope  and give you 3-4 patterns to choose from. Here are a few examples.

199/365 – Forever Grateful 

“Forever Grateful” that’s what a banner attached to a small airplane circling around Soldier Field last night read. The 4th of July Grateful Dead concert for their “Fare Thee Well” 3 day show in Chicago was phenomenal.  The 50 year anniversary reunion tour is  delighting fans. 

What a crowd, what an event, what a show! Last night ranks number one as my most memorable 4th of July celebration. After hours of amazing music, the evening was crowned with a spectacular fireworks over Soldier Field Stadium. I’m still smiling 😄