208/365 – Cuteness Factor

Here is the scenario, I am in the driver seat, parked on Ave des Pins, corner of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. My dog (who is incredibly cute) is in the rear passenger seat, his head is out the window.  I am shooting every passerby. Who is seduced by his cuteness?

177/365 – Rolling bi-plane blur

This was shot with my iPhone 6. I have the application Cortex Camera which is meant to reduce noise considerably, if your subject can hold still for 2-10 second. I use Cortex Camera to create blur. I love blur. The 2-10 seconds exposure creates some very interesting blur of moving objects.

Here we are driving on the Mercier Bridge, leaving the city. I just thought it might be an interesting place to try the Cortex Camera application (do not fear, I was not the driver). I must say, I really like the effect.

Here I have three shots, three in color and two in black and white.