264/365 – Seeking Higher Ground Reinvented

If you are following my blog, you must be aware that I am part of photography group called Momenta and we are presently having an exhibition in Montreal.

For the exhibition, I picked 1 photo from every month of my 365-Day Project from December 2014 until August 2015. For the occasion, I decided to rework some of my photos. I intend on sharing them with you in the few days to come.

You might recall the photo posted on August 21st 2015, 243/365 – Seeking Higher Ground, it underwent a metamorphoses. See if you like it.

240/365 – All the Glitz and Glitter

Following in the same vein as yesterday…

Presenting two different edits, I can’t seem to figure out which one I like best.

232/365 – Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral

I am attending a photography workshop every day this week. Our first day was spent at Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral. Expect to see diverse photos throughout the week as many styles of photography will be covered. I am starting the week with an iPhone shot. We have to leave our memory card with the instructor at the end of each day, so I made sure to shot a few images with my iPhone to have something to show today. Starting tomorrow, I will share with you photos taken with my Canon.

232/365 - Mary, Queen of the World Cathedral

High key version

230/365 – Girl On A Mission

For my last LA photo, I am sharing with you my favorite one taken during that trip. The young woman you partially see is my daughter. Being so focused on shopping, she was unaware of me photographing her. I love the subtle blur created by her movement.

You can also see it on W. Kier The Show – 3rd Edition, Introversion Inc.

230/365 - Girl On A Mission

223/365 – Lunch Time

Today I am sharing a photo that I submitted to Introversion, Inc. The Show – 2nd Edition.

W. Kier  of Introversion, Inc. started a new weekly challenge, very easy and fun to participate. Have a look at the link and you will be able to read on how and when to participate.

Happy Saturday to you 🙂

223/365 - Lunch Time

220/365 – Monochrome Monday

Shot today a Place Ville-Marie overlooking Avenue McGill College, Montreal, QC.

That first sentence is what I wrote a couple of hours ago. I now realized that today is not Monday! I will blame it on the intense heat we have been having lately. I LOVE heat and I guess I am trying to prolong the pleasure  🙂

Monochrome Monday

214/365 – Reflective burst

I love playing with reflections in photography. With a light rain falling, I leaned against the window of the Virgin Store and I shot in burst.