205/365 – Surf

We went for a long bike ride on our tandem this morning, Montreal has amazing bike paths, I am discovering. Biking along the St.Lawrence River, we came across half a dozen people practicing their surfing and kayaking skills. I had only had my iPhone 6, next time, I am bringing my Canon.

162/365 – Clover Point

Last week while I was in Victoria, BC with my family, I took this photo of my daughter. I submitted it to a closed photography group on Facebook, Unabashedly Unsaturated – The Best of Monochrome, and I am happy to say it was chosen to be part of the collage of the best entries for 05/26-05/27/15.

I am pleased to share it with you.

152/365 - Clover Point

118/365 – Then Me Go Shopping With You

In 2001 the Montreal band Bran Van 3000 came out with a song called : “Go shoppin”. Our kids were quite young then and totally loved the song. Almost every night after dinner, the four of us would dance to “Go Shoppin” and often more than once.

Going shopping to a big mall outside of Montreal with my daughter today brought back that memory.



112/365 – Mrs Nellie

Don’t be fooled by labels like “Miniature pig”, “Teacup Pig”, “Micro Pig”, it will not stay small. Pigs grow. The more they eat, the more they grow. If you want a pig, you have to be prepared for a full size animal.

Mrs Nellie is my cousin’s pet pig. She was originally a “Miniature Pig”. She grew to be probably around 90 lbs under a controlled diet. She oozes personality and has a one-track mind; she searches for food pretty much constantly while awake. I am totally intimidated by her, (she is not very welcoming of strangers), but I really do like her. She is very smart and in many ways very similar to a pet dog.

I think if I lived in the country, I might just want to have a pet pig too 🙂