280/365 – On Two Wheels

You will be a witness to my progress. I was at it again today and these are my two best shots.


230/365 – Girl On A Mission

For my last LA photo, I am sharing with you my favorite one taken during that trip. The young woman you partially see is my daughter. Being so focused on shopping, she was unaware of me photographing her. I love the subtle blur created by her movement.

You can also see it on W. Kier The Show – 3rd Edition, Introversion Inc.

230/365 - Girl On A Mission

220/365 – Monochrome Monday

Shot today a Place Ville-Marie overlooking Avenue McGill College, Montreal, QC.

That first sentence is what I wrote a couple of hours ago. I now realized that today is not Monday! I will blame it on the intense heat we have been having lately. I LOVE heat and I guess I am trying to prolong the pleasure  🙂

Monochrome Monday

192/365 – Light, shadows and reflections

In the Place des Arts tunnel.

178/365 – Random Objects

We are in the midst of a big move. Our house of 19 years, where our kids grew up, where many memories and good times were had is being sold tomorrow. We have been preparing for this day for a long time and we are ready. In 2012, we officially moved to Montreal, QC but we kept our NY house as a country house. We honestly enjoyed it as much and as often as possible. But now, we have chosen to move and spend our weekends doing other things. We know we will miss this amazing place but we are truly grateful it was ours for all these years. I hope the new owners will love it as much as we did.

Needless to say, I have very little time for photography these days. So today, I just chose to photograph some random objects found while cleaning up the place.