Thursday Doors: Art Du Commun

Actually bad graffiti is not that uncommon, but if you like murals and street art Montreal will not disappoint you. What we have here, is pretty remarkable. In 2013 Montreal hosted its first festival of public art:  Mural. It was a big success and has been back every summer since. This year it will be held form June 9-19th.

If you look-up you will come to the conclusion that they are not responsible for the bad graffiti on their back door.  Artducommun is a collective of professional artists that specializes in murals.

This post is part of the Thursday Doors Challenge, hosted by Norm 2.0.


14/365 – Live and Learn

Sometimes you set out with the best intentions and, things don’t work as planned.

For example today, I was so excited to go see the Van Gogh to Kandinsky exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. I felt inspired by the works of Brendan O’Sé “People Looking at Art” and Mark Fearnley “Focusing on Art”.

The museum was mobbed. It was a bad idea to go during the holiday season. The place was so crowded, you could barely move, let alone take a decent shot. Plus when I got home, I found that most of my shots were too out of focus for my liking. This one I felt was the only acceptable one.

I plan on going back, on a far quitter day.

14/365 - Live And Learn

3/365 – Art Is Freedom

I visited my friend Maryse today. Maryse is a great artist. Since I have known her I have developed a better appreciation of art. I love spending time in her studio, talking to her about her art. I love the harmonious messiness of the space. It feels free. Free to think how you want to think, free to express what needs to be expressed. I think I have come to the conclusion that art is freedom. It may not be news to some of you, but the difference for me is that this time, when I write these words, I feel it.       Art is freedom.

Art Is Freedom