As a young kid the year 2000 seemed so far away. I could not foresee what it would be like, let alone 2020. Being able to see it back then probably would have blown my child’s mind.

May this new decade be a transformative one for human kind and the planet we inhabit. May we find ways to advance with less devastating consequences for Mother Earth. May we be kinder to one another. May we find it in our hearts to embrace our differences and learn to live in harmony with our fellow humans and animals alike.

May we all have ease.

Happy New Year, and all the best wherever you are.Hot air balloon festival of Taunggyi, Myanmar, November 2018.

Children ~ Vietnam

Children are present anywhere you go in Vietnam. They are adorable and welcoming. They brighten your path wherever you may be.

She who travels from place to place

We had the chance to travel through Northern Vietnam and Cambodia during the month of November. Hanoi is a big city of roughly 10 million people. Its streets are so lively and fascinating. I was captivated by these women, itinerant retailers selling fruit, clothing, flowers or pretty much any goods you can imagine.


Fifty-Two Interrupted… Seriously Interrupted

Hello all,

I didn’t mean to take a brake but I did. And a long one it was.

I hope to be back on a regular basis but I make no promises. I have many photos shot during the last summer months that I would like to share with you. I have to get my things in order.

Here is a first one shot in Berlin, Germany in June.

I am in love with Berlin, so you will most likely see a few more from our vacation in the weeks to come.