Hi folks,

This week for Norm’s 2.0 Thursday Doors Challenge I am back  in Montreal’s alleys again where I spotted something unusual, a “door within a garage door”. Not quite sure how well it works or if it works at all but I felt it was worth sharing.

Two for the price of one

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24 thoughts on “Two for the price of one

  1. Those doors used to be very common at gas stations, when the mechanics would also be running out to pump your gas, check your oil and clean your windshield. Ha – those days are long gone. If you’re old enough, you might remember driving over the little hose that would ring a bell inside. That told him to put the wrench down and go help that customer.

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  2. I love the detail in this image. The ‘crazy’ paving reminded me of a house we renovated in the mid-eighties. We used old Liscannor slate (huge heavy stone slabs) in our front garden to make a patio. They came off the roof of my parents house when they re-roofed. Your photo looks like a painting, beautiful.

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  3. You see this a lot on big heavy doors in Europe. It saves them from having to heave-ho the big heavy door, when they have to go in and out a lot! PS I like that broken up driveway too and JEAN I want to read that post about the slates from the roof!

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