My two children, my husband and I all have dual citizenship of Canada and the United States. Actually, both kids were born in the USA. After living in the US for 18 years, we came back to Montreal in 2012. One thing we all agreed we had to import with us to Canada is the celebration of American Thanksgiving. As you may know, it is the biggest holiday in the US and we love it. So every year, we invite family and friends to celebrate with us our favorite holiday. I get to prepare and cook for three days straight to have everybody over. IĀ  must say, I love it. I love it more than Christmas. So now you understand why that photo is surfacing on today’s post.




10 thoughts on “336/365 – In Preparation

  1. Interesting. Is Thanksgiving in Canada so different? I don’t feel like Thanksgiving is the biggest, but I think it’s neat that you do, and that you do it there šŸ™‚
    I’ve cooked quite a bit tonight too!
    I sure hope you all have a fantastic American Thanksgiving šŸ˜€

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    • Good morning Joey, in Canada Thanksgiving is the second Monday of October. In English Canada, Thanksgiving is more celebrated than in French Canada (Quebec) where it is often mostly seen as a statutory holiday. Growing up, I don’t remember celebrating Thanksgiving, or it being a special day.
      When I first moved to the US (Rochester, Minnesota) in 1990, I was surprised by the emphasis on Thanksgiving. After my kids where born, living in NYS, that’s when we really got into celebrating Thanksgiving. The reason it is often said to be the most celebrated holiday in the country, is based on the fact that the days around Thanksgiving are the busiest for air travel. Since it is not a religious celebration, Americans from all denominations can relate to it.
      I think it’s a great holiday, I love what it stands for. Have a happy one.

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      • Well then, Happy Thanksgiving to you my AmeriCanadian friend šŸ™‚
        Sometimes it really is weird how different it is between English and French culture/mentality here.
        My wife’s family and most of my French friends growing up where the same about our Thanksgiving – no big deal, just a day off work.
        But in my family and those of my English friends it was a BIG deal; more like the American holiday. Getting together with family and eating too much. We just do it 5-6 weeks earlier – to give ourselves time to recover before doing it all again at Christmas!

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      • I did not know that about Quebec, having been there only in the summer. I have many Canadian friends, but they’re not in Quebec. So I guess that is different! Very interesting.
        Yes, it is such a big travel day, absolutely.
        I certainly enjoy it. I’d say it’s my second favorite right after Fourth of July šŸ˜€
        Thanks for clarifying how you see things, I love to learn!

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