336/365 – In Preparation

My two children, my husband and I all have dual citizenship of Canada and the United States. Actually, both kids were born in the USA. After living in the US for 18 years, we came back to Montreal in 2012. One thing we all agreed we had to import with us to Canada is the celebration of American Thanksgiving. As you may know, it is the biggest holiday in the US and we love it. So every year, we invite family and friends to celebrate with us our favorite holiday. I get to prepare and cook for three days straight to have everybody over. I  must say, I love it. I love it more than Christmas. So now you understand why that photo is surfacing on today’s post.




332/365 – The Trio

Really? I look at these guys and wonder if they love their job. What do you do if you suddenly have to pee? Honestly, I can’t help and think of things like that. I am certainly grateful they are willing to do it. I would be so scared. If by some miracle  I would make it up there, I would be paralyzed with fear, unable to do the job. Better them than me!
This also doubles as my entry in the Daily Post Photo Challenge : Trio
Scene from the High Line, New York city.