193/365 – Strawberries in the rain

I left the strawberries outside, and it rained.

192/365 – Light, shadows and reflections

In the Place des Arts tunnel.

191/365 – Scenes from Festival International de Jazz de Montreal

The best time to visit Montreal is during the summer months when one festival is followed by another. My all time favorite is the Montreal Jazz Festival. It opened yesterday and it’s always a great scene: music, food, entertainment and even love.

188/365 – Streets of Dubai

I’ve been enjoying going back to my Dubai photos this week. I propose to you, Dubai one more time, with a focus on street photography.

187/365 – Abra Commuting

I decided to show you a little more of the Dubai public transportation. Here are a few photos of the abra, the little commuting boat. You find them all over the Dubai Creek.

186/365 – Next Stop: Khalid Bin Al Waleed

I haven’t been able to shoot every day lately. The selling/moving of our house in NYS has kept me busier than I wished.

Today is my son’s 24th birthday! I have been busy cooking all day his favorite food for tonight’s dinner.

So I decided to show you a couple of photos shot while at a photography workshop in Dubai.

The first one is from the Khalid Bin Al Waleed metro station and the second one was taken at the Burj Khalifa metro station.