98/365 – Beam me up

So this is the second project I made for my Photoshop class. This one is not as technically involved as the one I presented to you yesterday, but I personally find it pleasing. I am also including the photos used in the making of this one.

97/365 – Break on through to the other side

In early January of this year I started a course at Concordia University: Digital Dimensions Photoshop I & II, CEPH 219. The course ended last Monday and today I had to hand in my final project.

We were warned on the very first class by the teacher that this is a difficult class, taught in accelerated (two levels being taught in one) and that it is not for everyone.  The course was not easy for me, until class 8 (there were 10), I wasn’t sure I would be able to produce the final project. Since I really want to have Photoshop in my tool box, I stuck with it until the end. I am not looking to drastically change the way people look, but I might want to use it at times in a form of artistic expression.

For our final project we were asked to create a composite image. Meaning with several photos I took, I needed to recreate a new one. I am presenting it to you tonight. I know it is amateurish, but it is my very first one and by no means do I pretend to be good at it. I am including a gallery of all the photos that were involved in the making of this composite image, just for you to see. I was disappointed with the result, but at the same time satisfied I was able to do it. I ended-up creating a second composite image which I will present to you tomorrow.

     Break on through to the other side

 After a long, harsh winter, spring is reluctant to make its grand entrance. Whether abrupt or gradual, the transition from one season to the next is always miraculous, and a worthy subject of a metaphorical image.

You know the day destroys the night
Night divides the day
Tried to run
Tried to hide
Break on through to the other side     – The Doors