I thought long and hard before starting this project. I was actually petrified by it. The commitment is huge for me. The pressure of shooting everyday felt heavy. Only ten days into it (yes double digits today), I am realizing that the tough part is not so much to shoot everyday, but getting an image I like and want to share with you from that bunch. Some days, you get nothing; nothing worthy of sharing with others. What do you do then? Do you show your most acceptable but not  satisfying image or do you allow yourself a cheat day?


I made the decision at the start of this project that I would allow myself 10-cheat day during the 365. By a cheat, I mean a photo that was taken at a prior time, a week, 7 months, 3 years ago, that I would rather show then any of the ones I took on the day of the post. Ten is not a lot in one year; I have to use them wisely.


In the midst of writing this, I started to fool around with my iPhone and the reflections coming from the lens of my DSLR. I thought this might be more fun then the most acceptable but boring, not so great photo of the day (see below), I like the spontaneity of it and it saves me from using one of my precious “cheats” after only 10 days.

I would love your thoughts on this.


10/365 - Not A Cheat

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